NY Officials Warning About Ice Conditions

By Joe Gullo | jgullo@nexstar.tv

Published 02/05 2016 03:58PM

Updated 02/05 2016 03:58PM

Credit: Markus Sch. / Pixabay / MGN

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is advising anglers and others who may want to be out on the ice to use caution.

According to the DEC, the recent warm temperatures and rain have further deteriorated ice conditions.

Anyone who is planning to use ice covered ponds and lakes should take the following precautions:

  • The use of motor vehicles on ice is strongly discourage until the ice thickens;
  • Use caution when moving from ice to shore and from shore to ice;
  • Check ice thickness near shore before going further out on the ice;
  • Avoid areas around inlets, outlets, boathouses, docks and any open water;
  • Be prepared to self-rescue carry spikes, flotation devices and a throw line;
  • Wear traction devices on your feet as there is no snow on the ice surface.

Additional information about ice safety.

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