Parents Donate Memorial Garden in Son's Memory to Seton Catholic Central School

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. - It's been nearly six years since the Seton Catholic School community lost two of its students to a car crash, but students and staff there continue to mourn the loss.

Huang Ke and Xiong Ze returned to the ground of Seton Catholic High Thursday from China, the same grounds their son Chu Xiong once walked.

"It is a very beautiful day to be here and share the exciting time with everybody,” said Huang Ke and Xiong Ze.

The parents are donating a memorial garden to the school in Chu's memory.

Chu died almost six years while walking along Peasleeville Road in Peru where he and his classmate were hit by a car that had lost control. Three others died in the crash.

"It still affects teachers that knew Allen every year,” said Daphne Gricoski, taught Allen.

Chu was also known as Allen among his friends at Seton Catholic. His teachers say he was as an all-around great kid.

Gricoski said, "They really looked up to him, they respected him, he was supportive, he was helpful and as a student he was really smart really eager to be in the classroom."

Gricoski says the memorial garden will ensure Allen's memory never fades.

"It's been six years, I mean I was here but I think it’s important for the younger students who never knew him to know that he was here that he lived and was important," said Gricoski.

Chu's parents say the Seton Catholic family will always be special and will be a place they continue to visit for years to come.

Xiong Ze and Huang Ke said, "To have the beautiful place that our son remains in the beautiful school area we are very appreciative of this chance."

Teachers plan to use the space as a place where students can relax and study while of course remembering Allen.

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