Pico Mountain Resort:Damaged By Storm

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 09/03 2014 07:02PM

Updated 09/03 2014 07:26PM

KILLINGTON, Vt. - A Vermont ski resort is cleaning up from a storm that swept through the region Tuesday night.  No one was injured during the storm, but a few buildings at Pico Mountain Resort in Killington were damaged.

Margery Moore visited Pico on Wednesday to get her condo ready for the upcoming ski season. But when she arrived she was shocked at what she found.

“Unbelievable, it really is,” said Moore.

A storm passed through Killington late Tuesday night leaving behind quite a mess. While Moore's condo was spared other buildings stood right in the storm's path; the roof of a building was ripped off, there were downed power lines, and many downed trees.

“As you look at the trees, and where they are snapped off, I just can't believe how direct and pinpointed it came through,” said Moore.

Meteorologists say the storm that hit the area was rain coupled with strong winds; up to 50-60 mile an hour gusts. And they say as the wind came down the mountainside they were only made stronger, being able to split trees right in half.

“It's pretty much the roof of the building and then some of this deck roof, some that's not part of the actual foundation structure. It got swept away in the wind. And you've got some insulation over here in the tree so that will take a little bit of time to pick and clean up responsibly,” said Michael Joseph, the Communications and Public Relations Manager with Killington and Pico Resorts.

And crews were already hard at work throughout the day cleaning up the mess Mother Nature left behind.

“But all things considered for the severity of the storm we feel like we are really lucky that no one was injured and we only had minimal damage here,” said Joseph.

Officials say with the resort nestled between mountains this type of crazy weather is common. But it was still a shock to those who stopped in to check on their property.

“Vermont weather is usually surprising, you don't know if it's going to rain, or sleet, or snow, but this kind of stuff - it's crazy,” said Moore.

Officials with the resort say clean up should be wrapped up in a few days; although it will take some time to replace the roof.

But then it's back to prepping the resort for the winter season.

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