Plattsburgh Target welcomes the new location to the Champlain Valley

Plattsburgh Target still holding strong

Plattsburgh, N.Y. - "When was the last time you went to a Target?" "I was in college so over a year ago."

Megan Potts, a resident of Alburgh, Vt., says she heads across the lake to Plattsburgh for better shopping.

But now she won’t have to go far for a Target run. Potts says "you can find everything and then more" at Target.

Trevor Cole, the senior planner for the town of Plattsburgh, says Target has always had a regional draw.

“Target’s interesting in that its demographic is slightly younger slightly wealthier. They target an audience that is maybe is looking for a little more style versus value. People come here from Vermont, Canada. We see a lot of people come from Franklin County and saint Lawrence County to visit that store as well," said Cole.

Many see the news that South Burlington will get its own Target as good for both sides of the lake.

"I’d say that in light of all the online retail competition the fact that there opening two stores in such proximately actually indicates that it’s a healthy business model in that they can serve both population," Cole said.

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