Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Reveals DUI, Drug Arrests

By Lesley Engle

Published 07/03 2014 03:54PM

Updated 07/03 2014 04:19PM

Vermont Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Milne is admitting to doing drugs in his past.

In a press release sent out on Thursday, Milne—owner of Milne Travel, said in his college years he was arrested three times—twice for drunk driving, and once for possession of a small amount of pot and cocaine.

"Though I was academically successful, I was making poor choices. These were embarrassing and powerful life lessons of which I am not proud,” Milne said in the release.
"Shortly after these incidents, I stopped using drugs and committed to only consume alcohol in moderation.  

Milne went on to say he suffered a stroke in 2006. He said thanks to the action of his then 16-year-old daughter—he got the medical help he needed. "But for the good fortune of being at home with my bright, confident and loving 16 year-old daughter--who took control of the situation and sought medical help--I may very well have been permanently incapacitated or dead,” Milne said in the release.

He said by disclosing his past it will show Vermonters his full commitment to transparency.  

“By sharing health history and mistakes as a college student, I have three goals:

      To demonstrate that transparency is more than just a talking point.  It will be at the core of a Milne administration as we lead Vermonters to a better economy and more prosperous future.

      To let folks know more about me, including my mistakes, so they can fully evaluate which candidate they will elect as governor for the next two years. 

      To diminish the opportunity that my opponent or his partisan apparatus from Washington, DC would have to use my health records and youthful mistakes as a political tactic that distracts from the financial burden their policies have imposed on working families and their failure to adequately address our economic challenges.”

Milne announced his candidacy last month. He plans to kick-off his campaign in the next couple of weeks.

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