Proposed Rates for Vermont's Health Exchange Now Known

Nearly two year's ago Vermont leaders created a health system to get more people insurance.

Something it hoped would be a model for the rest of the country.

On Monday the state continued to take the lead by showing Vermonters how much plans could cost in this government run program.

"We're pleased to be taking the lead" said Vermont Healthcare Reform Director Robin Lunge.

Lunge says she's pleased with the rates.

Here's the first set of numbers that insurance companies released Monday.

Right now a couple making $32000 dollars a year that has catamount insurance pays about $250-dollars a month the proposed rate is $134.

And for a family of four making $32000 would go from $700-dollars to $45.

Lastly a small business could go from paying more than $10000 a month to $8000.

These numbers aren't official however that's because Lunge says they have to be approved before they go on sale in October.             

The state will now ask Vermonters how they feel about them and then a state board will make a decision on how much you'll pay by this summer.

"It's a good indication of what they think of what they would like to charge in the exchange" said Lunge.

Vermonters will start to be able to purchase insurance plans in October for 2014.

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