Pumpkins Flying Through Stowe

9th Annual Pumpkin Chunkin'

Stowe, Vt. - Things were flying through the air today at the Stoweflake Mountain Resort, but they weren’t snowflakes.... they were pumpkins.

The 9th annual Pumpkin Chuckin’ Festival celebrates the art of 'chucking' pumpkins long distances using trebuchet or a catapult.

At today's event there were plenty of successful launches but a few failures too.

Ticket were ten dollars at the door...The money raised will be donated to the Lamoille restorative center, which supports victims of violent crimes and promotes healthy families.

Bruce Wallace the emcee of the Pumpkin Chunk event says: "The Lamoille Valley Restorative center is really the winner out of all of this. Because as much fun as we have and as many pumpkins as we chuck, I mean even the pumpkins we collect up the fragment and it’s going to go to a pig farm so were not wasting anything here." It seems like the pigs are also a winner here. No word on who the winner was... But one competitor reached 326 feet!

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