Restoring Power From Saturday's Storm Continuing Across Vermont

By Torrance Gaucher |

Published 07/25 2016 06:54PM

Updated 07/25 2016 06:54PM

As of Monday evening, Green Mountain Power spokesperson Dorothy Schnure says 550 customers are without power, and the utility has returned power to more than 32,000 customers.

Folks living in rural areas of central Vermont are still feeling the effects; some have been with out power since Saturday afternoon.

"These customers are where they might have multiple poles down, it's a lot of work we have to do, just to turn the power on for a handful of houses," Schnure said.

Green Mountain Power has brought in contractors to help get the job done quickly and safely as possible. In the command center in Royalton, Zach Casey guides crews to problem areas.

"We continue to go out into the field and find more damage, and broken poles," Casey said.

Last Saturday's storm produced the most power outages during 2016 for Green Mountain Power, but the utility says crews are well prepared.

"We are cycling crews, all night, all day. These folks behind the scenes in the control center, same goes for them. We are cycling so we have fresh bodies in here all the time," Casey said.

Schnure said it is critical for all GMP personnel to be well rested, so they can be ready if they need to respond to more storm damage.

"Anytime you see a power line you should stay away from it, because it could still be live. A dangerous situation," Schnure said.

Another safety tip for those using a generator, to properly ventilate it outside- this will avoid carbon-monoxide building up in homes.

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