Rice Memorial High School music teacher accused of "up-skirting," placed on administrative leave

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. - South Burlington Police say a teacher at Rice Memorial High School is accused of voyeurism.

Police say on March 20, the high school received an internal complainant about a staff member taking inappropriate pictures of a student with their cellular phone known as “up-skirting”.

South Burlington Police say the high school immediately notified the department of the complaint.

Upon the initial investigation, Bryan E. Lynam, 31 of Burlington, was immediately placed on administrative leave from Rice Memorial High School.

School officials say Lynam is a music teacher at RMHS.

Several search warrants of residences and multiple electronic devices provided probable cause for Lynam to be issued a citation to appear in court for a voyeurism charge.

Officers from the Youth Services Division, Bureau of Criminal Investigations, and Rice High School staff worked collaboratively on this investigation.

Rice Memorial High School sent the following letter to families:

Dear Rice Families,

I am writing to inform all of you that Brian Lynam, the music teacher at Rice has been cited into court for alleged voyeurism; allegedly taking inappropriate photos of Rice female students along with other females outside of Rice community without their knowledge. The case is being handled by South Burlington Police Department.

While there has been police activity in the building for a week now and rumors have been circulating, we did not have permission from the authorities to inform our community until now. As you may know, when there is an investigation, confidentiality is critical so as not to interfere with the integrity of the investigation. We appreciate that you were understanding of this and are grateful to those of you who made attempts to keep the rumors at a minimum until facts could be divulged.

To that point, I can now tell you that a student came forward to inform me what was witnessed on the premises regarding Mr. Lynam allegedly taking an inappropriate photo of a student without consent. An immediate and extensive internal investigation was initiated, and once determined there was credibility to the report, we reported it to the police, as well as DCF. Mr. Lynam was put on immediate administrative leave on March 20, 2018. The police have been working around the clock.

As this is an ongoing investigation, I do need to ask that if you learn something please be sure to report it to me or Jim Abrams. In addition, I would encourage each of you to refrain from spreading rumors as it can bog down investigations and waste precious time, or even distract from the ability to uncover truths.

The alleged nature of this offense and its magnitude is shocking and painful for all those involved. Students, faculty and parents will experience a whole gamut of emotions as you process this information and more facts become available. Our administration, Class Chaplains and guidance counselors are on call and available for support. In addition, Mr. Abrams and I will be visiting each classroom tomorrow to speak with our students in person, reiterate the availability of support, and provide direction regarding the reporting of any additional information.

In the days to come, I will let you know what I can, when I can. In the meantime, be assured of our support, our concern, and our ongoing prayers as we work through this news.

In His Service,

Lisa Lorenz


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