Sanders Supporters Rally in Philly

By Staci DaSilva |

Published 07/24 2016 11:41PM

Updated 07/24 2016 11:51PM

 Bernie supporters were in full force at a rally in Philadelphia Sunday, focusing on one of the Vermont senator's main priorities: climate change. 

Supporters from the Senator's home state and across the country are not giving up the fight to put Sanders in the White House.

"I've admired him from day one, from when he first took the mayoral race in Burlington," says Randy Leavitt from Vermont.

"I'm supporting Bernie. I'm hoping the delegates will make him the nominee instead of Hillary because he's against the TPP for so many reasons," says Lisa Jacques of Rochester, New York.  "Because he cares about the climate, because he's not a war lord."

"I'm going to hope and work until those Super Delegates vote," says Gina Robinson, a delegate from Boonville, Indiana.  "I think they'd be making a gigantic mistake picking Hillary over Bernie because it will hurt the party."

The Climate Change March through downtown Philadelphia Sunday focused on fracking.

"Why did they come in and drill so fast and so furiously before our state could even get its whole handle around it?" says Vinod Seth, a delegate from Bismarck, North Dakota.

The protest comes after emails leaked from the Democratic National Committee, exposing a possible bias towards Hillary Clinton.  

"Well, I think it's outrageous, but it's not a great shock to me," says Sen. Sanders.

His supporters say they also are not shocked.

"It's not a surprise," says Tommi Karma from Iowa City, Iowa.  "We knew the cards were stacked against Bernie from the start, and that's why we're here."

"We want to a better tomorrow, we want to see change and revolution in or party," says Joanna Tepley of Central Washington.  "We believe in our party, but we want to see our party do better."

Sanders will speak on the convention stage Monday, the official kickoff of the DNC.

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