Saving Gillett Pond

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 03/01 2014 10:12PM

Updated 03/01 2014 10:22PM

RICHMOND, Vt.- People in one Vermont town are at risk of losing a recreational hot-spot. The state says the Gillett Pond dam either needs to be repaired or torn down. And if the dam goes the pond will dry up.

Gillett Pond is tucked away in the town of Richmond, Vermont.

“It's a beautiful spot,” said Nancy Stoddard, organizer of Friends of Gillett Pond.

A spot many locals enjoy year round.

“In the winter we come down here a lot to skate and play hockey. And in the summer - off and on,” said Colin Low.

But it’s a spot that's in danger of disappearing.

“In Huntington-Richmond area there aren't other places like this,” said Stoddard.

Last summer the area flooded, washing out the road. A state inspection revealed the dam needed to be replaced or removed. A decision that's up to the local Girl Scouts who own the dam.

“They don't have funds to replace the dam. And they have really no interest in the pond,” said Stoddard.

The Girl Scouts planned to tear down the dam which would ultimately drain the pond. Hearing about the potential loss Stoddard stepped in.

“Our hope is to preserve the pond because it’s an amazing natural resource,” said Stoddard.

After meeting with Girl Scout leaders Stoddard says they'd be willing to sell the dam and the surrounding lands. Stoddard and the group hope to buy the land and then repair the dam. But that would cost upwards of 300 thousand dollars, money the group would have to raise.

“We don't know at this point what will happen but we are hopeful,” said Stoddard.

The group is hopeful they'll be able to save Gillett Pond because they say there aren't many places like it left.

“I learned to ski and skate here. And my kids have done the same along with a lot of people in the community. So I think there are a lot of people who would be sad if they couldn't do that anymore,” said Jon Low.

‘Friends of Gillett Pond’ are putting a plan together to purchase the land. They plan to meet with the Girls Scouts in a few weeks to discuss the fate of the dam.

To find out more information you can email Stoddard at – or find search ‘Friends of Gillett’ on Facebook.

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