Session Ends; Budget Issues Remain

Montpelier, Vermont -

The Vermont Legislative Session has adjourned.


The House and Senate have been working on passing through their own budget and an agreement on teacher health care.


House republican leader Don Turner emailed Local 22 news Thursday evening saying;

"We are extremely disappointed that the Speaker and the Senate Pro-Tempore could not find common ground with Governor Scott’s common sense proposal to save Vermont property taxpayers up to $26 million annually.  We worked really hard to build a broad coalition in the House that supported this proposal.  We are disappointed that in the midst of a crisis of affordability that these savings are being left off the table.  We stand ready to support the Governor in any action he may take to realize these savings for Vermonters and ask that you join us over the next couple of weeks to engage your legislators and ask them to help make Vermont more affordable.”



 If there is no budget by July 1st, the start of Vermont’s fiscal year, State government would essentially shut down.


Turner said they stand ready to support whatever action the governor takes.

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