Shark Tank Company Brings Business to Vermont

Kristina Guerrero Was Rewarded on ABC's Shark Tank, Now She's A Vermonter

By Rene Thibault |

Published 02/05 2016 07:06PM

Updated 02/05 2016 07:06PM

The billionaire business moguls on ABC's Shark Tank have offered more than $66 million to hopeful entrepreneurs.  And one of Vermont's newest business owners has gotten her piece of the pie.  Kristina Guerrero and her family moved to Vermont just a few months ago.  She's created a K-9 inspired company and is seeing some great success, thanks to her trip into the shark tank.

For Vermont's newest entrepreneur, all it took was a swim with the sharks.  "You put all of this work and sweat-equity into your business and then someone basically tears it apart," stated Guerrero, a 12 year Air Force veteran, who served in three combat tours.  

When her time in the military came to an end, her love of the outdoors led her to what came next.  "This inspiration struck and I thought gosh I'm with him (her dog Odin) all the time, wouldn't it be great if there was a portable meal that was easy to use that I could bring with me," she asked.  

That afternoon hike was the inspiration for TurboPup. Kristina and her husband began creating Complete Canine Meal Bars.  They started out making the bars in their kitchen, but hoped a shot on ABC's shark tank would help build and even bigger business.  She got just what she hoped for, an investor, and new partner: Damon John.  "It was almost like a dream sequence.  One day I get a phone call from him, and the next I'm in the Empire State Building for a business meeting," she said.

TurboPup will be featured during tonight's new episode of Shark Tank.  It'll be an update on their growth.  TurboPup bars are now sold in over 900 stores across North America.  But tonight's episode is more, it'll feature other veteran entrepreneurs looking for a big-break.  One of those is Angela Cody-Rouget founder of Major Mom, a residential organization company, and a friends of Kristina's.  "We get up early, we stay up late, we just do what needs to get done.  That is how we're wired and trained in the military," said Coudy-Rouget.

While Kristina says she's excited about her company's success, it's important for any business owner to remember to tackle the future one day at a time.  "It's always really beneficial for me to remain in the moment.  That's what I've learned as an entrepreneur.  In this moment I am through the roof, just so excited," said Guerrero.

Kristina and her husband like being outdoors, and they like dogs, they should be just fine in Vermont.  You can learn more about her company TurboPup, and the other veteran entrepreneurs on Friday's episode of Shark Tank.  It airs at 9:00.

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