Snowy Fall Weather Have Some Buinesses Rejocing

Snowy Fall Weather Have Some Buinesses Rejocing

By Torrance Gaucher |

Published 10/28 2016 07:10PM

Updated 10/28 2016 07:17PM

After a lackluster winter last year (2015/2016), the local economy across the Mad River Valley sees this early season snow as an exciting start.

"Super pumped up for the ski season, there is a lot of pent up demand from last year," Eric Friedman the Marketing Director for Mad River Glen said. He is optimistic about the season ahead. 

"This year is a whole other story, we got a foot of snow on top last Saturday," Friedman said.

Some die hard skiers are hitting the slopes at Mad River Glen already, even though the mountain hasn't officially opened.

"So far this year we have had upwards of a foot, so it has been actual powder skiing. For early season, for October, it's fantastic," Chuck Derrick a seasoned skier from Fayston, Vermont.

An official opening day for Mad River Glen hasn't been released, but Friedman hopes after Thanksgiving at the earliest.

Just a short drive down the road we find Heather and Andrew Lynds, owners of Mad River Barn Inn & Restaurant.

"We are excited, seeing the snow fly to us signals the the next season," Heather Lynds said.

With foliage season over, she and her husband are welcoming the early snowfall. They both hope it gets you into the winter spirit, and thinking about your next visit to the mountains and local communities.

"And for the broader health of the valley as a whole, a good strong season of snow is important for everyone here," she said.

After the weak winter of last, Heather tells us she saw a decline of 8% at her business. She remains optimistic though for the coming year. 

The snow has also brought down trees and power lines, Green Mountain Power tells us at the height 27,300 customers were with out power. As of Friday evening only 1,000 are still currently with out power.







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