Some Burlington Businesses See Profit from Holiday Weekend

By Alex Rose

Published 07/03 2014 08:53PM

Updated 07/03 2014 09:14PM

Burlington, Vt.- Businesses went patriotic Thursday to get a jump start on the holiday weekend. Street performers were hoping the holiday would bring in some extra dough. Others were just out to have fun.

”Just hoping everyone has a good time, enjoy the music and happy 4th of July!" said musician Will Northrup.

Musicians like Kat Tingle on the other hand were having some trouble making money. She came up with a different idea.

"That's just how I get by, and I haven't been able to do that since I got this puppy, because everyone comes over and interrupts me and tries to pet him,” Tingle said.

Tingle made a sign charging a dollar to play with her puppy Hendrix.

If you were looking for sales today, you were in luck. America themed food and clothing was on major discount downtown.

Some businesses decided to take their shops to the people.

"We've got a tent outside, we got people in that we may not normally get in,” said retail specialist Bekah Woodin. “We've got a lot of sales going on right now. We have samples that just hit the floor, so it's really great. It get's everyone inside and shopping that may not normally come in here."

Woodin says they have this tent sale only a couple times a year, but today business was booming.

"This is an awesome tent sale, probably one of our best ones yet."

For those who were new to town, Burlington's historical trolley tours were in full swing today.

Their conductor said tons of passengers hopped aboard.

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