St. Albans Home Invasion:Suspect is Repeat Offender

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 04/09 2014 06:16PM

Updated 04/09 2014 06:31PM

ST. ALBANS, Vt.- A home invasion in St. Albans has the community on edge.

Police responded to a call that a young man had entered a woman's home while she and her young son were inside. Later police arrested a juvenile for attempted burglary and police say this isn't the kid's first run in with the law.

Marjorie Cook has lived in this St. Albans neighborhood her entire life.

“41 years,” said Cook.

She says it's not the place it once was.

“Drastic changes, definitely. I definitely lock my doors now, I never used too,” said Cook.

Tuesday night in St. Albans police responded to a nearby home on North Elm Street after a caller reported a young man inside her home.

“She was pretty well shaken up from it,” said Christina Raymond, who lives next door to the victim.

Neighbors say the victim had just walked back inside her house and upstairs to check on her young son, that’s when the intruder walked right though her front door.

“And then into the laundry room and that's where he was holding her purse,” said Raymond.

Police say when the suspect saw the woman, he dropped the purse and ran. A few hours later police located the young man and arrested him.
And police say this isn't the first time either; at the end of last year the juvenile was charged with trespassing.

“I haven't seen anybody of this age do stuff like this before, but it does worry me that he's so young and he's starting out doing these types of crimes,” said Detective Paul Morits, with St. Albans Police.

So what are your rights if this happens to you? Detective Morits says unless the person has a weapon he suggests you lock yourself in a room and call 911.

“If someone comes into your house and has a weapon you have the right to defend yourself and if that means using deadly force then that's what your right is,” said Morits.

While he doesn't believe this incident was drug related, he says crimes like this are happening more often.

“Property crimes have been going up and it’s run by the drug problem,” said Morits.

Kristen: “As we are standing here talking- we are hearing quite a few sirens, is that something you hear daily?”

“Yes, definitely. We're becoming worse than Burlington, and close to Rutland, it's pretty sad,” said Cook.

No one was injured during the incident and police say the suspect didn't get away with anything.

Police charged the juvenile with Unlawful Trespass and Attempted Burglary.  Police say because of his age and the type of crime he could be tried as an adult; that's up to the states attorney.

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