Summer Cottage Blown Off Foundation During Severe Thunderstorm in West Addison

VT. Woman Pulled from Her Destroyed Home

West Addison, Vt. - Severe thunderstorms rolled across the region Thursday afternoon, dropping hail, snapping trees, and even leveling one summer home. Luckily, the homeowner made it through the storm with a few bumps and bruises. 

Seventy-five year old Linda Taft, a life-long Vermonter has quite a story to tell. Taft who just returned from Florida to her summer home on Potash Bay Road in West Addison. 

"I've been in hurricanes in Florida, and I never witnessed that circular yellow sky before," said Taft.

Taft is recalling the moments before the wind tore apart her home. 

"We were just sitting there and the TV went out, and of course I didn't get any warning because once the wind picks up on satellite you don't get reception," she said.

"The next thing I know I am moving, I am moving, my house is moving. I was moving sideways and upside down," she said.

The home was blown off the foundation, and landed just feet away with Taft and her dog Willy inside. 

"And ended up on the ceiling of my cottage with Willy on my lap. Looking up at me, it was bolted to the floor, was my gas fireplace," she said.

One last minute action she took might have saved her life. As the home began to shift, she covered her head with a pillow. After the home landed on it's roof the couch Taft was sitting on was now on top of her. It also acted as a shield from the flying debris. 

Neighbors and total strangers came to her rescue, and still they continue to put their own lives on hold to help her recover belongings and clear the rubble.

"They put me on a blanket to carry me out. Because there was glass and and wire all over the place. Then they loaded me up in the back of a pick up because the rescue couldn't get to the road," she said.

Taft cannot thank those who helped her enough. 

Now, she is looking forward to moving on with the clean up and planning for a new summer cottage. Until then, this event will not keep her away from Lake Champlain.

"I am looking for a place, to rent on the lake for the rest of the summer.  I have put out my feelers on that. I hope that I will get some response," she said. Her one request, to be near Vergennes so she can still visit her 103 year old mother daily.

If you are interested in helping Taft locate a new rental for the summer please, contact Meteorologist Torrance Gaucher at:






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