Surge in Illegal Crossings at New York/Canadian Border in Quebec

PERRY MILLS, NY - Detainments on the New York/Canadian border Monday reflect an increase in illegal crossings into Quebec.

Illegal crossings have been increasing over the past year and have spiked in the last month, according to authorities.

At least one family of migrants were detained at the New York border on Roxham Road in Perry Mills, New York Monday.

It’s become a popular spot to illegally cross due to its easy access and proximity to Plattsburgh.

If a person in America tries to to seek refuge at a Canadian port of entry, he/she will be turned away because of a U.S./Canadian agreement called the Safe Third Country Agreement in effect since 2004.

That means people in the U.S. cannot seek asylum in Canada.

However, they can remain in Canada if/when they are arrested for crossing illegally.

“We have a job to do. Our job is to protect the border, as I mentioned, for us it's an offense, under customs act to cross the border so we have to arrest these people. We are extremely proper with them and all that. It's part of our job,” said Brian Byrne, IBET Champlain Detachment Commander, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The number of those seeking asylum by illegally crossing along the Quebec border is skyrocketing.

In January, there were 452 illegal crossing incidents into Quebec, an increase of 230%, according to ABC News.

An unnamed source within U.S. Customs & Border Protection in northern New York tells Local22/Local44 News what had become a weekly incident has now turned into a daily occurrence.

The source admits it has become more prevalent since President Trump’s inauguration and the announcement of his travel ban on immigration.

The President is expected to release a new executive order on immigration this week after federal courts ruled against the order.


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