Ten New York Defendants Could Be Exonerated

Albany, New York -

Ten defendants in New York court cases will receive new trials, after misconduct by the prosecution was discovered.


One of those people is Anthony Dipippo who is now a free man.  Seven months ago he was serving time behind bars, part of a 20 year sentence. He was accused of the rape and murder of a 12 year old girl.

"I'm just trying to pick the pieces up, I'm trying to reintegrate myself it's a difficult thing." Said Dippido.


Three trials later, including two reversals, Dipippo was cleared of all charges after spending two decades wrongfully convicted in New York state prison.

Bennett Gershman spent forty-years covering the law, as a professor, author and former New York prosecutor. He says cases like Dipippo’s are all too common in the State of New York. "My conclusion in studying this all over the country is that is happens more in New York than any other place else." Said Gershman. "It's not working in this state and we need something else, we need something more effective."


Both Gershman and Dipippo support legislation sponsored in the assembly by Nick Perry and John Defrancisco in the senate, which would create a commission to review potential misconduct cases and establish accountability.


For the man who spent nearly half his life behind bars, Anthony Dipippo says this would send a clear message to prosecutors. "They need to know, that there is people watching them, that will make sure that if they do wrong they're are going to be consequences, however severe, however light, there's got to be consequences."

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