Two Arrested After Vermont/Canadian Border Protest

HIGHGATE SPRINGS, Vt. - A protest at the Vermont/Canadian border Sunday lead to the arrest of two people.

Approximately two dozen people held a “No Ban, No Wall” protest at the Highgate Springs Port of Entry.

It focused on the detention and denial of U.S. entry based on, what the group called, “religious, racial and ethnic profiling by U.S. Border Patrol agents.”

They referenced two Muslim Canadians who were turned away at the US/Canadian border.

Protestors claim border patrol agents are ignoring the stay on President Trump’s travel ban executive order.

The President expects to release a new executive order on immigration this week after federal courts ruled against the original order.

Protestors Sunday delivered a letter that stated Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs & Border Protection were “independently applying” comprehensive religious, ethnic and racial bans.

"We are being divided, based on our race, based on our religion and nationalities. So I want to come out here to show unity with everybody,” said Faried Munarsyah, of Burlington, who protested at the border.

The protest was broken up after police determined they were on private property.

Two people were arrested for Unlawful Trespassing.

Police say, Haley Renwick and Elizabeth Nikazmerad, both of Burlington, would not leave the Highgate port of entry building after being asked many times to leave by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Vermont State Police.

At this time, Local22/Local44 News has been unable to get in contact with the appropriate Border Patrol representatives.

On its website, Border Patrol lists its priority mission as preventing terrorists and terrorists weapons from entering the country, as well as “illegal entry of aliens.”


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