UVM Doctor Returns From Puerto Rico

UVM Doctor Returns From Puerto Rico

Burlington, Vt. -        

Dr. Patricia Fisher landed in Puerto Rico just a few short days after a category 5 monster storm devastated the U.S territory. “It was really emotional pulling into port because the boat was full of Puerto Ricans who had been away who had actually left before the hurricane hit,” said Dr. Fisher.

A Hospitalist at the University of Vermont Medical Center... Dr. Fisher spent two weeks down in Puerto Rico helping with the relief efforts after Hurricane Maria.

She said it looked like a war zone, “Like a bomb had gone off.  There was nothing left on the trees many trees were down all the power lines were down.”

Dr. Fisher says power had not been restored, causing a lot of issues with hospitals that need to be up and running, for people with preexisting conditions and specific health needs.

"It really feels like a third world country now it’s going to be very soon as health conditions continued to deteriorate. I think we’ll see more and more reports of skin conditions and water borne diseases and chronic health things that aren’t being managed because they aren’t getting there medications refilled."

In her time there, Dr. Fisher provided medical care, valuable supplies and medications to patients and the elderly... It may seem like basic items to us, but it was the difference between life and death, for some Puerto Ricans.

“There’s so much need and the medical piece of it I think is going to get worse as time goes on as people go on without power and without refrigeration and without water. “

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