Vermont Candidate Interviews: Phil Scott

By Mike Curkov |

Published 07/29 2016 07:51AM

Updated 07/29 2016 07:51AM

Local 44 Morning Brew hosts Vermont Lieutenant Governor and Governor candidates every morning leading up to the August 9th primary.

Republican Phil Scott is looking for a promotion. He's the current Lieutenant Governor now running for Vermont Governor. Scott joined the Morning Brew to talk about the affordability crisis in Vermont, taxes, the yearly budget gap, education and Act 46 as well as why his experience in Montpelier is a positive.

Candidate interview schedule*: 

Thursday 7/28: Lt. Gov. Cand. Kesha Ram (D)


Friday 7/29: Gov. Cand. Phil Scott (R)


Monday 8/1: Gov. Cand. Matt Dunne (D)


Tuesday 8/2: Gov. Cand. Bruce Lisman (R)


Wednesday 8/3: Gov. Cand. Peter Galbraith (D)


Thursday 8/4: Lt. Gov. Cand. Shap Smith (D)


Friday 8/5: Gov. Cand. Sue Minter (D)


Monday 8/8: Lt. Gov. Cand. David Zuckerman (P/D)


*Republican Lt. Gov. candidate Randy Brock is unopposed in the primary.

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