Vermont Emergency Management prepared for "complex weather system" this weekend

WATERBURY, Vt. - Friday, melting snow and ice was a common sight throughout the Green Mountain State, as temperatures rose about 30 degrees higher than average.

Erica Bornemann heads Vermont Emergency Management.

She says the agency has conducted preparedness phone calls with local and state partners to make sure everyone is one the same page.

"We are staffed and ready to activate the state emergency operations center should we be needed at a moment's notice throughout the weekend," said Bornemann.

Bornemann says that means coordinating a state level response and recovery to a disaster.

"If you live near a waterway, that you know is prone to ice jams, the ice jams will form quickly and without warning," said Bornemann.

In Waterbury, some areas were already pooling large amounts of water, due to snow melt.

Kane Sweeney was heading inside when he noticed a few inches of standing water outside his apartment.

He says though, he's more concerned about the freeze that's coming later.

"I walk to work, so that'll be a little treacherous, but I'm more concerned about drivers," said Sweeney.

Rod Wilson is driving back to New Hampshire Friday night. He says he's getting a head start, and has made sure his car is ready for whatever the weather throws at him.

"I check my fluids regular in my car to make sure I've got antifreeze at the proper levels and washer fluid and oil. I keep an eye on the depth of my tread on my tires as I come into winter so that I know I've got pretty good traction," said Wilson.

You can also sign up for Vermont Alert to receive life safety notifications and weather updates for their areas at

You can also download the Everbridge app.

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