Vermont Highway Renamed to Honor Desert Storm Veterans

FAIR HAVEN, Vt. - It's been 26 years since Desert Storm, a war in which more than 600,000 Americans served.

Folks remembered and honored their service Saturday in Fair Haven by renaming route 22-A.The new name is ‘Desert Storm Veterans Memorial Highway.

"It was a short war, there have been a number of short wars but it doesn't mean anything less of the people who were over there,” said Vito Demarco, Desert Storm Veteran.

Desert Storm was an operation during the Gulf War which helped restore freedom to Kuwait after it had been invaded by Iraq.

Demarco says they were some of his most difficult days in the military.

"I've been with the Navy all over the world and this is the one culture that was very difficult for me because it was so different from anything I had been used to,” said Demarco.

The idea of dedicating the highway to Desert Storm Veterans and their families came from Vermont's past state VFW Commander, Stephen Leach who petitioned the state of Vermont a year ago.

Leach said, "A lot of people do not realize today is armed forces day, it's to honor everybody that is serving right now to protect our freedom, so it is the perfect day to do this.”

Governor Phil Scott, whose father served during world war two was in attendance, "This unwavering commitment to protect and serve demonstrated by Vermonters 25 years ago is what we are all here today to remember and celebrate, this is something Vermonters can truly be proud of.”

Demarco described Saturday's ceremony as special and reminds folks to never forget.

"It's important to remember not only desert storm but all the veterans, people don't understand unless you are a veteran what you give up when you go over there and the people you lose over there and the people who come back wounded,” said Demarco.

The Desert Storm Veterans Memorial Highway includes the entirety of route 22-A from the Vermont-New York border all the way to Ferrisburgh.

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