Vermont Seeking Additional Funding to Fight Homelessness

Barre, VT - Congressman Peter Welch was in Barre, Vermont on Monday touting a bill that would push for more federal dollars to rural homeless shelters.

Welch introduced the bill called The PATH Fairness Act this past March.

The bill would focus on providing more funding to combat homelessness in rural states like Vermont.

The Green Mountain State receives three hundred thousand dollars in federal money to support these programs currently. Like the Good Samaritan Haven in Barre, and the additional four homeless shelters in the state.

If the bill is passes, it would increase that funding to seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

"I can tell you there is great need for these services in our community. We struggle to meet the need, with the resources that we have. That is the reality of it but we are doing the best we can," said Brooke Jenkins the executive director Good Samaritan House.

"What it means to us. It gave us a leg up, a small push. To help us to get an apartment and a job," said Lawrence Seiler of Barre.

Congressman Welch has bipartisan support with a republican co-sponsor for the legislation.

The bill is sitting in committee before it moves to the house.

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