Vermont Senate gives approval to bill that could make it easier for your car to pass inspection

MONTPELIER, Vt. - Friday, the Vermont Senate gave final approval to legislation aimed to update and improve the state vehicle inspection program.

In recent months, Senators representing all corners of Vermont have heard from constituents experiencing large mechanic bills associated with non safety related automobile components as a result of the new electronic inspection system.

Under current inspection rules, a malfunctioning rear window wiper is sufficient to fail a car for inspection.

The new rules, called for in Senate Bill 272, would allow auto mechanics to pass cars meting all safety-related checklist items, while providing advisory recommendations to car owners for non safety items.

Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe says the new electronic system has exposed a number of problems with the inspection system. 

"We are grateful to the leadership at the Department of Motor Vehicles for working with us to come up with a fairer approach that will save Vermonters money without sacrificing public safety. We are especially concerned with the impact current policies have on lower income Vermonters who need their vehicles to get to work," said Ashe. 

The legislation continues to require vehicles meet all emissions standards in order to be inspected.

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