Vermont State Police: Computer Scam Warning

Vermont State Police is warning people of a computer scam that could affect your bank account.

According to police, the scam is a virus that gets installed on your computer and will lock or disable it.  Your computer will show a message to call a number.  Officials say if you call the number, someone will offer to clean your computer for a fee or will try to extort money from you. 

Police say the person taking the call may ask for your bank information and then will use the information to take money out of your account. 

According to officials, you could also have money deposited into your account and then the caller will demand for you to wire the money back to them.

Police say you shouldn’t check your online bank accounts on a computer that could be infected, if you think your computer might have been infected have it looked at by a professional.  Officials say if this happens to you, report the case to police.  

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