5 Cats Thrown From Moving Vehicle, 2 Still Lost

By Staci DaSilva | sdasilva@nexstar.tv

Published 01/08 2014 06:21PM

Updated 01/08 2014 06:54PM

A scary situation in St. Albans Town where someone saw several young cats being thrown from a car on Tuesday afternoon.

In total there were 5 cats. Three of them are safe and warm at the Franklin County Humane Society. But 2 are still out there, braving freezing cold temperatures.

Rusty Posner is still in disbelief about it. "I don't know how anybody could do that but unfortunately people do,” said Rusty Posner, Shelter Director at Franklin County Humane Society.

On Tuesday, Posner knew something was wrong when the police showed up. Another woman was with them.

"The woman had something underneath her little zipped up jacket. So we kind of figured there was a little critter in there,” said Posner.

Not just one, but Posner says 3 scared little cats were found in Saint Albans.

It happened at the intersection of Jewett Ave and Kellogg Road. A witness says somebody threw a carrier containing 5 cats out of a car window.

“She was absolutely in the right place at the right time,” said Posner.

Thanks to that Good Samaritan who witnessed it all, 3 cats are safe and sound. Only one has a visible injury.

"It looks like some trauma to the eye,” explained Posner.

The Franklin County Humane Society receives 80-100 abandoned animals every year.

We're not judgmental here. And if they come here really seeking help to find a place for their animals, that's what we want to do,” said Posner.

As for the 3 cats at the shelter, after the mandatory checks and treatments, they will be available for adoption. While Posner says their journey to the shelter should have been different, their future looks bright.

Volunteers were busy all day searching for the 2 lost cats and are expected to continue on Thursday.

Police say they are investigating what happened and anybody who may have any information should contact the Saint Albans police.


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