A Vermont Business isn't thrilled about New Dollar General

By Christine Souders | csouders@nexstar.tv

Published 07/17 2014 10:49PM

Updated 07/17 2014 11:19PM

GEORGIA, Vt. - There is controversy as Dollar General continues to expand across Vermont.

Two Dollar Generals' are under construction right now, including one in Georgia off of Route 7.

Linda Radtoy shops at Georgia Market twice a week.

This fall she'll have another option of where to buy groceries, and it's right next door to Georgia Market.

Todd LeBlanc is the owner of Homestead Campground.

He sold the front of his property two years ago to Dollar General.

LeBlanc said besides a little noise, he's eager to see the place going up.

"Competition is good. Whether it be Dollar General or a drug store. Everybody in the community will benefit from this store being here," said Todd LeBlanc.

The Owner of Georgia Market's Ray Bouffard said he's not eager, because it'll be tough to compete with a chain store.

"They have a lot of clout in the world of retail. Which gives them an unfair advantage to, such as an independence such as myself, that really doesn't have the abilities to go to a manufacturer and dictate what we're going to pay for to them," said Ray Boufarrd.

He added the chain store sells some of the same products on their shelves as they do, and it could take away some of their business.

Dollar General told us they only cater to a portion of Georgia Market's customers.

In a statement about the location, Dollar General said they look for locations where they can offer customers an easy and conveinent shopping choice.

Additionally, the company said they are respectful to community concerns.

A major concern Bouffard has is keeping his staff of 35 employed.

"If we have to be in a positon to down-staff our store here, it's not really a fair trade because you're taking away jobs from people who more than minimum wage and replacing them with a minimum wage job, which really is not fair to the community," Bouffard said.

Linda Radtoy considers herself a loyal customer of Georgia Market, but she still plans to check out the competition.

"Just to see what it's like, what they have, if it's different from the others. I'll still shop here (Georgia Market)," said Linda Radtoy.=

One strategy, Bouffard said he has in mind is to provide more local products than he already does; an advantage he'll have over Dollar General.

Another Dollar General is located in Milton,about a 4-mile drive from Georgia.

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