Accused Shooter refuses to show up in Court

By Christine Souders |

Published 04/07 2014 07:32PM

Updated 04/07 2014 07:45PM

RUTLAND, VT- New details in the case against a Liecester man, accused of shooting his neighbor and two state troopers Sunday morning.

Timothy Foley was due in court Monday afternoon for his arraignment, but he didn't show up.

We're told, he refused to.

Police released the names of the victims,

Mahlon and Joyce McCoy who live across the street from Foley, and the two state troopers, Trooper Matt Daley and Sergeant Eugene Duplissis.

Before those victims' family and fellow officers, a public defender pleaded Not Guilty on Timothy Foley's behalf.

In his 15-year career, Addison County State's Attorney David Fenster calls this a first.

"I've not had this happen before."

Foley may have refused to show his face in court, but he's still faces 4 counts of attempted and and aggravated murder charges,

According to court documents, he unlawfully entered Mahlon and Joyce McCoy's home, and fired a shotgun at the two, striking 65-year-old Mahlon McCoy on the right side of his face.

"My mom was laying right by his head, her head was on his shoulder... we were shocked, we couldn't believe it was somebody we all knew," said Sadie Mason, the victim's daughter.

Mason added her dad had a stroke in 2008.

"He's paralyzed on the right side, he cannot walk."

She's surprised this happened to someone in his condition.

McCoy is recovering from surgery, and is still hospitalized.

The State's Attorney said Foley will eventually have to be in court.

"He's order to be held without bail until the next hearing, and the court will have that hearing on whether or not the weight of the evidence is sufficient to continue to hold him," said Attorney Fenster.

The two troopers who were struck in the head with shotgun pellets, have been treated and released from the hospital.

We're told they were shot while they we're setting up a perimeter around Foley's house.

Many troopers and other officers showed up in court.

Some were at the Lake Dunmore Drive location.

The station commander at New Haven Barricks is pleased with his troopers, "All our men and women are outstanding. These two particular troopers are like everyone else. They do a good job, come to work to protecrt the citizens of vermont," said LT. Michael Manley.

The troopers are on administrative leave for at least three days.

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