Affordable Housing Complex Nears Completion

By Megan Carpenter |

Published 08/08 2014 07:33PM

Updated 08/08 2014 11:09PM

MORRISVILLE, Vt.- A building once considered an eyesore in Morrisville, Vermont is getting a makeover.  It is further a place where people with low incomes can afford to live.

"I am single mom and I applied for low income housing two years ago and there was a three to four year wait list, so the demand is here," says Emma Duda of Morrisville.

The building used to be an Arthur's Department Store and has sat vacant for years.

"I think the real important thing is we've got this beautiful project going on behind us right in the heart of our downtown," says Town Administrator Dan Lindley.

What will be an 18 unit apartment complex, initiated by Lamoille Housing Partnership and Housing Vermont, has been a $5 million project.  Town officials and community members say they hope it attributes to the revitalization of downtown Morrisville.  14 of the units will be low income housing, which has been a point of concern for some community members.

"Some people feel that we build affordable housing and maybe people come in from different areas and they have a perception that it's not the best people to have living in an area like this," says Lamoille Housing Partnership Executive Director Jim Lovinsky.

Others are optimistic.

"Issues always come up due to parking, people loitering, people leaving trash, but as long as everyone's keeping that up to date and everyone's aware of that and not letting it get out of control, I think it'll be just fine," says Gail Bourne of Morrisville.   

Lamoille Housing Partnership says it has eight apartments leased for September and eight additional applications.  Construction is scheduled to be complete on August 29.  

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