After Controversy, Danville Principal Applies for New Job

Published 03/26 2014 11:17PM

Updated 03/26 2014 11:36PM

BRADFORD, Vt. - Some parents in Bradford are concerned about sending their kids to Oxbow High School next year.

That's because the school is considering hiring Noah Noyes to be its next principal. Noyes right now is a principal in Danville and that's where he faced a charge of not properly reporting possible child abuse.

The school board organized a meeting to allow Noyes to speak to the community and for people to ask him questions.

"I take my students' safety and well-being extremely seriously and it's always my number one priority," says Noyes. "We did not feel that from the evidence that was gathered through that process rose to the standard of reasonable cause believe, which in Vermont is the statutory threshold of reporting suspected child abuse."
Noyes says his case was sent to a court diversion program. He says he's learned more about his role as a mandatory reporter when it comes to possible child abuse.
"I would absolutely handle it differently. I would make the call no matter what. I've certainly made dozens of reports in the course of this school year," says Noyes.
The board says its search has narrowed and Noyes is the only candidate.

"We discussed all of our background checks and such that we had done, reference checks, and the board really thought we should move forward to the next step," says Dan Smith, a board member.
Some here supported Noyes. But many people, thinking of past problems the district has had with its staff, had concerns.
"I will consider changing, pulling my now junior out for her senior year because of this," says Heather Paye, a parent of an Oxbow student.

After the meeting, the board met behind closed doors.
Later it is expected to announce whether it will move forward with Noyes who is resigning as Danville's principal after this school year.

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