"Artists" Wanted In St. Johnsbury

By Megan Carpenter | mcarpenter@nexstar.tv

Published 08/29 2014 07:08PM

Updated 08/29 2014 07:33PM

ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt.- Several acts of vandalism in St. Johnsbury have community members cleaning up the mess.  Police say three downtown locations were sprayed with graffiti between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. 

One of them belongs to former Asst. Fire Chief Marc LaRose.  He has owned a business building on Eastern Avenue for nine years.  Some of its bricks he laid himself are now smeared with graffiti.

"I had plenty to do yesterday and I didn't need to spend the day out there, but you want to get it off as quick as you can," says LaRose.  "I don't want this to become a billboard."

St. Johnsbury police say the vandals sprayed a bus at The St. Johnsbury School, six more at St. Johnsbury Academy and a concession stand at the football field.  So far, police have no one in custody, so those targeted have to take care of the clean-up.

"I ended up using a wire brush on a drill and just ground away," says LaRose.  "It probably took me four hours to get everything off and you can still see it."

LaRose used cleaning supplies he already had from another graffiti spray on his building three years ago.  Police and the town's manager say graffiti has plagued St. Johnsbury for years.

"I'll be the first to admit there is some nice and creative art, but once people see that, they take more and more license," says Town Manager John Hall.  "There are some things that aren't appropriate for a family out for a bike ride or people in general.  It's offensive and it's vulgar."

St. Johnsbury police say the same color paint was used for all three incidents, so they think the crimes are connected.  Currently, they have no leads as to who is responsible.  If you have any information, call them at 802-748-2314.


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