As Graduation Looms, Tips on Getting the Job

By Staci DaSilva |

Published 05/13 2014 11:22AM

Updated 05/13 2014 11:24AM


Over 2,000 undergrads will be walking across the commencement stage at UVM this weekend.

What should they all be aware of as they head into the world of job searching?

Randall Reynolds is graduating in just days. He's a mechanical engineer major at UVM and is prepping for an internship interview.

Transitioning from student to full-time intern or employee is daunting for him.

“I mean, I've gone to school my whole life,” said Randall Reynolds. “So it's kind of different not going to school."

The Career Center at UVM prepares students from day one. Randall started interview prepping and resume building his sophomore year.

“I've learned specifically what to talk about and what employees are looking for. so that way, it helps make it a little more direct,” said Reynolds.

“Preparation is absolutely key and it has to do with know yourself, know what you're applying for and know the organization well,” said Career Center Director Pamela K. Gardner, Ed.D.

Those three bullet points may seem obvious but Gardner says you have to go deeper than the organization or company's web page.

“Finding out if it's a for-profit business, who its competitors are, learn the organization and learn the job,” said Gardner.

When it comes to your resume, how is more important than what.

“Not just a chronology of the places they've worked or their leadership experiences or their volunteer experiences and their education but how have they made a difference where they are and how can they articulate where they've been is better off?" advised Gardner.

And the world Randall will be working in, is changing faster than ever.

“We've been saying networking and connections are critical for 20 years but they are so much more critical now than they have ever been and the way that we connect is different now,” said Gardner.

Stay involved with your alumni networks online and in person. Those connections can go far.

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