Burlington Mayor's "Gang Related" Connection

By Lauren Maloney

Published 05/22 2014 07:39PM

Updated 05/23 2014 08:57PM

FOX is debuting some new shows for its summer season.

Among them, a crime drama called Gang Related.

The head of Burlington has a big reason to watch.

“I have watched the trailer - and it looks like an action packed kind of cop and gang drama,” Mayor Miro Weinberger said.

When he's not in the corner office, or at a city council meeting, Miro Weinberger squeezes in some time to watch prime-time TV, all because of his little sister.

“She's been at it professionally for a long time now,” Weinberger said.

Sarah Sido is an actress, with a small role in the new fox show Gang Related.

“She's kind of a banker, finance person, high-powered executive, at this point it sounds like a character that could repeat,” Weinberger said.

“That is what they've said, so it sort of depends on whether they bring this particular story line with the Danielle Acosta character back around,” Sarah Sido said.

Sido will play Lisa Brody, in episode 5 of the action-drama.

The show is about a detective who long before becoming a cop - pledged allegiance to a gang called Los Angelicos.

“It was a really nice one, it's a really smartly written script and a great director,” Sido said.

“I think she's really paid her dues in the industry and to get a break in 2014 to have a couple of significant network parts is exciting for her,” Weinberger said.

The siblings, told me about another gig on a Showtime series.

Sido also shot a film titled Happy Baby.  It could premiere at a major film festival this summer.

“Like all three of these projects right now to get to feel like both where they really were artistically fulfilling projects and they got to be in some major markets,” Sido said.

Sido's episode of Gang Related is slated to air June 24th.

“Is there a viewing party at the Weinberger house scheduled?

Certainly we will be watching for sure - once Sarah hits the screen,” the Mayor said.

If you missed tonight's premiere of Gang Related, an encore will air Friday night at 9.

Sarah will appear in the second season of the critically acclaimed, Masters of Sex.

Her episode runs in July.

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