Cab Companies Swoop In To Make Up For Benway's Closing

By Alex Rose

Published 06/17 2014 07:09PM

Updated 06/17 2014 07:54PM

Burlington, Vt.- A good amount of people who come to downtown Burlington take a cab to and from their home.

Benway's and Morf transportation made up for 17 percent of taxing services for this area, and after the 4th of July weekend, people will have to look elsewhere for that kind of transportation.

Three years after the death of Benway's owner Paul Robar, his former office and chair remain empty.

His wife, Wanda, took over the business but never the office.

"My husband was always so proud of how busy and how dedicated the clients were to us,” Wanda Robar said.

In a statement released Monday night, Robar announced the company would close in three weeks.

"We'll keep it all rolling in the meantime and that gives people the opportunity to get things organized,” said Robar. “To be able to facilitate the rest of the transport this community may need."

Their service will end on Saturday, July 5th.

For this final stretch, Robar says what surprised her the most was the dedicated workers who are sticking around.

"The fact that they were here this morning, smiling, 'How's it going?' and I couldn't ask for any more than that,” said Robar.

60 to 80 employees will be out of a job in early July.

But when one business leaves, it means a potential opportunity for others.

On Tuesday, Burlington's Green Cab company had already bought four Priuses to try and fill in the gap.

"We're aggressively purchasing vehicles and hiring, and we've created an infrastructure to handle a growing business, and we feel we're well positioned to take on a much greater role in the community," Green Cab VT Owner Charlie Herrick said.

There are dozens of independent cab companies in the area, and Green Cab VT isn't the only one who is trying to expand.

Shelly Provost, the manager of Quik Cab the 2nd largest cab provider in the area, said they are preparing to take on more cabs and more people.

She also said she would not hesitate to hire any of the employees at Benway’s if they do decide to expand.

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