CCTA Strike leaving riders with few options

By Christine Souders |

Published 03/19 2014 07:24PM

Updated 03/19 2014 07:28PM


Day 3 of the CCTA strike...and while, the company said it is waiting on a proposal from the Union, some Vermonters are having to find different avenues to get around.

Ann Culkin is a consultant at Family Support Project, an advocacy group funded by the state to help parents access educational programs.

"Many of my families have intensive out patient therapy that they go to. They meet with voc rehab, they have court hearings, they have visitations with children through dcf and without transportation, they are unable to fulfill their expectations," said Culkin.

But recently her job description has shifted, "In the past I would ensure my famileis had access to tranportation, usually through a bus voucher...Now that there is no tranportation, that is falling on my shoulders."

Matthew Sherman is in out patient therapy, and he said if it wasn't for his social worker or mother, he wouldn't be able to see his kids.

"I've missed two appointments this week because I didn't have tranportation."

"I would like to see them go back to work, and get people around," said Todd Lacroix

Martha Fortune manages sox market on Church Street, before the strike she rode the bus to work every day, along with her 5-year-old son.

"I have had to make arrangements, or pay more for a cab. I'm actually taking friday off because i don't have a way in."

And it's not just her having to re-arrange, CarShare Vermont is a local non-profit that provides a car sharing service in Burlington and Winooski.

Its had an influx of people calling to reserve a car, since the strike.

"We had some people say they were stranded at night, they would normally taken the bus home and they ended up needing CarShare Vermont car home overnight," said Annie Bourdon.

And until both sides can see eye to eye, looks like people will have to continue to find another way around.

According to the Howard Center, there's been an increase in the number of clients who have not shown up for appointments.

We're told the union has a proposal ready, but CCTA leaders said they have not yet received anything new in writing.

But still, Sherman stands by the bus drivers.

Others are fed up with not having a ride.

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