Cold Temperatures Drive Up Heating Demand

Published 03/20 2014 10:28PM

Updated 03/20 2014 10:44PM

MALLETTS BAY, Vt. - It might be spring but we're still heating our homes like it's the middle of winter and the cost is adding up.

"We've gone through a lot of wood this year. We dipped into a reserve we were hoping to save for next year," says Denise Allen, a homeowner.

The Vermont Fuel Dealers Association says heating demand is up 14-percent from last year and up five-percent from the ten year average.

Whether it's oil, propane, or wood pellets, some homeowner's fuel supply is almost out.

"Since Monday we've probably had between 60 and 80 phone calls of people looking for pellets," says John Quinney, general manager of Energy Co-op of Vermont. "That's a lot. That's more than we've ever had before."

Quinney says because it's near the end of the season pellet supplies are low.

"The mills only make a certain amount ahead of time and when demand exceeds supply, they run out," says Quinney.

Here it's first come, first serve and this is actually an improvement from earlier this year.

"People who just want a few bags have had to wait a few days. People who want a ton or more have had to wait two or three weeks. Back in January it was near a month. We're getting caught back up now just as people aren't going to need them," says Quinney.

That's at least what people are hoping.

"We're like everybody else, we're done. We're ready for the spring to hit very quickly," says Allen.

The good news is if you do need to buy more oil or pellets, the prices have been stable this winter. Though companies may charge a delivery fee.

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