Committed to Our Community: Red Cross Blood Drive

By Christine Souders |

Published 03/31 2014 07:55PM

Updated 03/31 2014 08:31PM

BURLINGTON, VT- It was a busy day at the American Red Cross Blood donor center in Burlington.

Since 9am Monday, a steady stream of people rolled up their sleeves, including some familiar faces.

FOX44 ABC22 is committed to our community.

The goal was to collect 60 pints of blood, and guess what, we surpassed it, collecting 62 pints.

"Thank you that was painless. She's great!" said FOX44 ABC22 News Sports Anchor Ross Lippman.

With one prick of the needle, you could be saving multiple lives.

"The whole purpose of red cross month is to thank these wonderful people you see behind me who take the time out of their busy lives to give both whole blood and palate donations. They truely are heroes," said Mary Brant: Red Cross Northern New England Region

And the need for blood is constant.

Organizers for the American Red Cross here tell us every two seconds in this country, someone needs blood.

Heather Gruen said she donates regulary because of that need.

"I'm AB positive which only 3 percent in the world has my blood type so I try and donate as much as possible."

From start to finish it takes about one hour to donate one pint of blood, and that adds up to potentially 3 lives."

That includes filling out a short form, a consultation with a professional, and then your ready to donate.

"As a sports anchor I'm incredibly competitive person so i'm hoping that i bleed the fastest rate possible so 5 minutes, I'll be happy with that," said Lippman.

For so many reasons people choose to donate...Sometimes giving has a very personal meaning.

"I do it in honor of my Aunt Cathy who passed away from cancer. I don't have a lot of money to give to people but i can give blood no problem," said Gruen.

"Sometimes you don't actually think about the impact you are actually making when your doing it, but you're still making that impact," said Lippman.

Thanks for partnering up with ABC22 FOX44 this month, and we want to thank everyone who help in the effort by donating this month, and we hope you all continue to show your support.

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