Complex Redevelopment Forces Families to Move Out

By Megan Carpenter |

Published 03/31 2014 07:36PM

Updated 03/31 2014 07:58PM

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt.- Jennifer and Jeremy Farley are two people of many who are searching for a new place to live.  Their current apartment will be torn down.

"We found out friday night when we got home from work that there was an eviction notice for all of us," says Jennifer Farley.

The developer for Green Meadows Apartments plans to tear down 112 units and build 300 new ones.  It is part of an upgrade Essex Junction's Community Development Director says the village needs.

"They're building a sidewalk to connect to colchester road," says Community Development Director Robin Pierce.  "We're very interested in that for pedestrians and cyclist, so we did ask for quite a few upgrades."

Finding a new home in 60 days in a tight rental market can be difficult.  The eviction notice says the Farleys have to be out by May 31.

"We're all going to be scrambling for the first apartment we can find," says Farley.

The village says the plan for renovation has been brought up several times over the past two years. It is now approved and construction will happen in waves.

"What we did when we made the decision was ask the developer to demolish the buildings in phases, so he would take one or two out at a time," says Pierce.

Those forced to move also say the buildings need to be upgraded.

"We've struggled since we've lived here with mold, windows rotting, and water leaking," says Farley.

In a state known for higher rental rates, the Farleys are concerned about finding something affordable, and quickly.

"You don't have time to wait," says Farley, "not with 60 days."

Fox44/ABC22 reached out to the developer, Brad Rubman.  He would not provide additional details, including how many families will be displaced.

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