Concern About More Ice Related Power Line Damage

Published 01/09 2014 10:06PM

Updated 01/09 2014 10:19PM

FAIRFAX, Vt. - With warmer temperatures on the way, utility crews are concerned it might lead to more ice related power outages.

That as ice from the pre-Christmas storm melts, comes loose, and possibly hits lines.

It's been almost three-weeks since the storm that cut the power to 75,000 Vermonters. For them, power has been restored.

But several hundred had to lose it at least temporarily Thursday.

The Fletcher General Store in Fletcher, Vermont went dark Thursday. The oven was one of the few things that still worked.

The store was not alone. About 400 people in Fletcher, Fairfax, and Cambridge also lost power temporarily. Utility crews say they needed the power turned off for an hour to make repairs.

"Still related from trees from the ice storm that broke, came down and hit the line probably when the line was out. Just broke some cross arms and stuff," says Glenn Johnson, from Green Mountain Power.

Johnson says they are familiar with this area. He says they've worked here a lot because of the ice storm right before Christmas.

"For us in the St. Albans area, yes Fletcher, Fairfax area got hit very, very hard," says Johnson.

Johnson's concern now is about the warmer temperatures on the way. That could melt ice on roofs which could slide off, hit, and take down power lines.

"We just ask people if that happens, turn your main breakers off, give us a call and we'll look at it and make sure everything is still good," says Johnson.

The State of Vermont has asked for federal money to help pay for some of the ice storm related damage. No word yet if the feds will.

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