Construction Causes Frustration for Customers

By Alex Rose

Published 08/26 2014 10:37PM

Updated 08/26 2014 10:41PM

South Burlington, Vt.- "This plaza is on the busy highway here and busy road here, so it takes a little more time to cut your way in," said Williston resident Caitlin Harris.

People who shop at Staples Plaza already have to get through construction, and some say this week is even worse.

"Especially with college coming back, it's creating even more delays," said South Burlington resident Lara Wilbur.

Vermont Agency of Transportation says the end result of this project will be a three lane highway going down the hill past Staples onto the ramp.

“It's a bit of a nightmare, which I'm sure it is for the construction workers with so much traffic," Wilbur said.

“It looks like it'll be beneficial, but at the time being it's a little congested," Harris said.

And so far shop owners say sales haven't been greatly impacted. While some businesses are concerned with the construction, that's not the only thing on their mind.

A series of blackouts has really slowed down business for some of these stores like Green Mountain Camera. If the power is out for just one or two hours, they have to shut down their operation for the entire day.

Managers of shops here wanted to remain anonymous, but say it's an odd coincidence that these power outages are more frequent since construction began.

With two outages in the past week, stores across the plaza couldn't sell any supplies including back to school attire to children like Raphaela Sulley.

“Like everybody left, there were only three people there," Sulley said when asked what Staples was like after an outage. She said her siblings later played tag in the store.

Green Mountain Power says these outages are because of overgrown trees interfering with power lines in the area. They are working with property owners to get those trimmed.

According to the South Burlington Facebook page, the project on Williston Road should be completed by July 31st, 2015.

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