Cow Killed by Bullet in West Haven

Published 05/16 2014 07:01PM

Updated 05/16 2014 07:13PM

WEST HAVEN, Vt. - Bob Wood takes care of his cows.

“I'm a firm believer in far as feeding animals as well as I like to eat,” Wood said.

Wood had a baker's dozen on his West Haven farm to start the week but he saw one by his pond that didn't look quite right so he went to check it out.

“I had a heifer there dead as dead,” Wood said.

He says he found a bullet hole in her neck.

“I was little upset about the situation,” Wood said.

Wood reported it to state police Wednesday. They’re looking into the incident.

The heifer weighed 800 pounds and wood says he sells beef at a dollar $1.25/lb. leaving him $1000 in the hole. He says it’s money he counts on.

“To help pay my taxes, insurance,” Wood said.

Wood says he doesn't want to point fingers at anybody but he did notice a lot of shooting nearby over the weekend.

“Seems over the last few years here it's getting to be more and more,” Wood said,

Wood doesn't think the people who shot the cow did it on purpose but he does hope the next time they take aim they consider what's right next door.

“Make sure you know what you're shooting at. Just don't pick up and shoot,” Wood said,

Wood says this is the fourth cow shot dead in 40 years on the farm. But it's not the cows he's worried about most. It's him and his grandchildren.

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