Fair Rides and Food are Fun but are they Safe?

By Alaina Pinto | apinto@nexstar.tv

Published 08/27 2014 09:15AM

Updated 08/27 2014 10:04AM

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt.- The Champlain Valley Fair is all fun and games but is it safe to go on the rides and eat the food? The ride technicians and cooks say that they do take precaution in all areas and have regulation guidelines which they follow. The Ride Safety Supervisor even believes that fair rides are safer than amusement park rides.

“I always tell my children that I’d rather have them ride any portable ride because of the knowledge that I know of how they get inspected, put up, set up and torn down, then any amusement park ride,” said Ride Safety Supervisor, Jeff Alberts.

All of the rides are inspected daily and technicians take their time looking at every nut and bolt. Along with ride inspections come health inspections of the fair food.

“It’s very safe, it’s controlled the same as a restaurant or a deli would be by the state so the Health Department comes in every booth and they inspect it and you have to pass,”  said Kampus Kitchen chef, John Barewicz.

Health inspectors can show up any time to any vendor and look for cleanliness, food temperatures and a clean staff. Kampus Kitchen has already been inspected once and passed with the highest score of 100 but if a vendor scores below 70 the inspectors will keep an eye on the stand and revisit it to ensure it’s functioning under the health regulations.

If you’re planning on making a trip to the Ten Best Days of Summer to enjoy the food and rides the only place you can buy real tickets are at the front gates. Any ticket sales outside of the fair may be fraud. There are plenty of ways to save every day at the fair and the promotions can be found on  the fair’s website.

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