Fairfax School Hopes Someone Will Buy a Piece of History

By Alex Rose

Published 06/19 2014 07:03PM

Updated 06/19 2014 07:29PM

Fairfax, Vt.- Walking down the street he grew up on, Michael Cain sees the house every day.

"I wish we could leave it there and renovate it, but we'll see what happens," Cain said.

In Fairfax, it's known as the “White House". It's owned by the School Supervisory Union, and was used for many things over the years, from the Principal's home, to town offices.

Now that it's empty, the school decided it's time for an adjustment.

"The town has changed quite a bit,” Cain said. “I understand why the school wants to do it, but it would be kind of a shame to see the building taken down. It's too bad it could have been, could be used for something else."

Ideally the school would like to fix up this house and use it for educational purposes. The superintendant says that between bringing it up to Americans with Disabilities Act standards, cleaning the mold out of the basement and doing repairs on the place could be a three to four hundred thousand dollar project. That's just something the school doesn't have the budget for.

That's why the school is appealing to the community.

"We've just been tasked to weigh every possible effort to use it wisely rather than just dismantle it and get rid of it, said Fairfax Facilities Director Tod Granger.

Granger and members of the Fairfax School Board are hoping someone will buy the house so they can move and preserve it.

If no one steps up, they have an idea to put the architecture to good use.

"We talked about reclaiming some of the same woodwork and stuff and using it in the school to revitalize some of the main entryways and stuff and kind of bring that back to the community,” Granger said.

Fairfax School Superintendent Ned Kirsch says he realizes selling this building is a long shot.

The School Board isn't ruling out selling parts of the woodwork to architectural salvaging companies as an option as well. 

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