Fletcher Allen Works to Improve Patient Safety, Prevent Death

Published 02/27 2014 05:50AM

Updated 02/27 2014 05:57AM

Brand new this morning: Fletcher Allen has set a goal to have absolutely no preventable deaths by 2020.

200,000 people die in hospitals all across the country every year, that could have been avoided.

Fletcher Allen is now part of the Patient Safety Movement. Too many loved ones are dying because of human error, but representatives from Fletcher Allen say they're already seeing a dramatic improvement.

Hospitals all across the country are working to improve patient safety.  From medication errors to hospital infections, and simply failing to communicate -- people are dying. But a brand new initiative requires a check list, and medical devices that share vital information immediately into a computer are saving lives. If doctors and nurses have the same information, they get the best picture, then can provide the best care.

"It takes time away from the clerical work, it gives you time back to take care of the patient and it mitigates errors," Charlie Miceli said, who is the Vice President of Information Services at Fletcher Allen.

Out of all of the University Hospitals in the entire country, Fletcher Allen was voted number one for patient safety. Though still not perfect, that's because of its low rates of surgical and medical complications.

This patient safety movement is expected to save the hospital a lot of money too, because ideally the number of malpractice lawsuits will go down.

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