High School Students Win Big

Published 09/04 2014 12:06PM

Updated 09/04 2014 12:21PM

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt.- Essex High School students hard work and many hours finally paid off. The EHSPN sports show team was recognized nationally by achieving the Hometown Media Award by the Alliance for Community Media.

Doug Dunbebin from RETN describes this award as an access television Emmy Award. The national award proves that the student run television program is better than other high schools and some colleges throughout the United States who submitted a show.

“It was awesome you know I started four years ago and I had no idea we would get here and get this recognition.  So it feels great after all of this hard work that we actually get recognized. It just feels awesome to put something out that people enjoy,” said, former student, Adam Potasiewicz.

The majority of the students in EHSPN who achieved the Hometown Media Award have graduated and are already off working toward their future goals. But for the previous student director, Kayhl Cooper he says that the shows goal was to go beyond the main sports in high school and see what other athletes he calls “unsung heros” are doing. This sports show also doubles as a way for students to get creative.

“I think that the filmmakers are looking for some sort of creative outlet for their abstract ideas as well as that we need to deliver a sports show to the kids who are looking for it,” said Cooper.

In the future, with the help of RETN, the Champlain Valley’s educational station, EHSPN has the opportunity to be on local television at a normal viewing hour. RETN has helped EHSPN with mentoring and brainstorming ideas in the past along with distributing the student’s content to the public.

They also play a key role in South Burlington High School’s students who won a Hometown Media Award for a promotional video they created for RETN. Students can intern for RETN and further their production techniques. For the Essex High School EHSPN team, they are hoping to win big again this year.

To see what the EHSPN students are producing visit their video website.

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