Hyde Park Homicide: Police Say Woman Stabbed Boyfriend

Published 02/18 2014 07:31PM

Updated 02/18 2014 07:52PM

36 hours after Jeanette Maxfield called police to report her boyfriend Chris Cafferky was dead she faced a second degree murder charge at Lamoille Superior Court.

The transcript from the 911 call paints a picture of a frantic Maxfield. She told the dispatcher she woke up to find her boyfriend dead.

“I was blacked out and I just woke up and he’s dead on the floor and I am covered in blood,” Maxfield told dispatcher.

Court documents though show Maxfiled suspected herself of the crime telling police she “must have done it” and that police should “take her to jail” because if she did it to the deceased she “could do it to anybody.”

”She said you know I must have done this because she can't explain how,” Maxfield’s attorney David Sleigh said.

Sleigh defended what his client told police after they arrived at the Garfield Road home around 1 a.m. Monday morning.

Court documents indicate Maxfield moved in with Cafferky less than two weeks ago.

She told police she had been drinking with another friend earlier on Sunday in the night but that when she got back to the Garfield Road home she got in a fight with Cafferky over vodka.

Maxfield told them she went to sleep and woke up to find Cafferky dead with a stab wound.

“And I woke up and I have cuts and I’m covered in blood,” Maxfield told the dispatcher.

She told them she found a knife on the ground that she had used earlier and that nobody else beside Cafferky had been in the home.

Maxfield also told police she suffers from border line personality disorder and had been treated at Brattleboro Retreat.

With that in mind, Judge Tim Tomasi told the court he was considering ordering a mental screening for Maxfield.

Maxfield's attorney called into question the state of mental health services in Vermont saying it might not be equipped to properly screen his client.

“Rushing into a screening without chance to develop a full record review is likely to lead to garbage in garbage out,” sleigh told the court.

Judge Tomasi did not set bail at the arraignment and Maxfield will stay in jail until another hearing next week. 

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