Jet Engine Mechanic Fixing People Too

Published 05/23 2014 12:02PM

Updated 05/23 2014 06:18PM

COLCHESTER, Vt. - Graduates from Colchester High School might remember Eric Larmay for his archery. His mom Michele says he was pretty good.

“He went to the worlds shoot and came in I think 65th place out of I don't know hundreds,” Michele said,

But Eric is truly one in a million for what he was willing to give up.

Now he lives in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, is married to a beautiful wife and is a jet engine mechanic for the Air Force.

He likes to repair things but his supervisor had something broken you would think even Eric couldn't fix.

“He said ‘my stepson (Hunter) is in desperate need of a kidney you know and we need to find one.’ My son goes ’get me tested,’” Michele said.

“As soon as I learned of his condition I, without the blink of an eye, said ‘I'll do what I have to do to be tested,’” Eric said.

“It didn't matter if his career in the Air Force was going to suffer he knew this child needed help and he was going to do it,” Michele said.

The surgery was a success. Hunter is doing well and Eric is in the second month of his recovery. He gets eight weeks off from his job and his mom says it's been tough.

“He's still in a little pain but like I told him it's a good pain. It's something you did right,” Michele said.

If something had gone wrong with the surgery it could have jeopardized Eric’s whole career. But at the rate he's recovering now he'll be back to fixing planes soon. Not just people.

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