Kids Sleeping Outside in Solidarity with Homeless Youth

Published 03/27 2014 05:38PM

Updated 03/27 2014 06:06PM

Sitting in a circle, a group of Shelburne Community School students talked about some of the biggest problems homeless have to deal with.

For third graders these Shelburne students are acting pretty grown up.

“If you didn't have a home I think that would be really hard if you had a young kid or even like a kid our age,” Tess said.

Fifteen of them are sleeping outside this weekend in support of homeless and at risk youth at Spectrum Youth and Family Services.

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“As of this morning we've raised $1300 dollars,” Jenney Samuelson said.

Samuelson is one of the mom's who organized the girls sleep out. She's also using it as a learning opportunity so she gave them all notebooks as a place to put down their thoughts.

We asked them to write what the sleep out means to them.

“I feel really bad for people who don't have a home,” Nora said.

“The sleep out makes me happy that I’m helping people in need and not just always thinking about me,” Logan said.

“It is a good feeling when we are helping a big problem that goes on in this community,” Clara said.

“So get out of bed and come help the homeless,” Anna said.

“Just to see those kids say that, we should all feel that way,” Stephanie Ball said.

Ball is a residential staff member at Spectrum. She takes care of the young people at their Burlington shelter.

“Some of our youth were sleeping outside before they came to us in -15 degree weather,” Ball said.

The Shelburne third graders are making plans to stay warm this weekend and they'll be thinking of the kids who don't always have it that easy.

“I imagine none of these kids have met the youth that we have in the shelter and to care about somebody that you've never met is a big important thing,” Ball said.

“I think that they should keep their hearts where they are because they're in the right place.”

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